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For over 50 years, Berean Christian Academy in Irving, TX has been providing excellence in education from a Biblical perspective. Established in 1954 by Dr. John E. Danish, our mission is to enable children to excel in academics and to build character traits such as respect, industry, patience, and kindness.

Berean's ministry is based on teaching the Word of God and its application to daily life. We believe that education should prepare children for living in the real world. Rooted in Christian values, American heritage and a core curriculum which includes the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic, Berean Academy has become an educational bedrock in North Texas.

Berean Academy News

2013-2014 School year

Berean Christian Academy will not†be open for classes for the 2013 - 2014 school year due to low enrollment and†lack of finances.† We prayerfully continue to seek God's will and plans for the future of the Academy.

If you would like to help Berean Academy with a donation, your support is greatly appreciated. You may make a direct donation with Paypal using your existing account or a credit card by clicking on the button below.

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