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Berean Christian Academy is located on a seven-acre campus at the corner of Sixth Street and Nursery Avenue, in south Irving, Texas. For international viewers, we are located in the Dallas, Texas area of the south United States.

Our mailing address is 1000 E. Sixth Street, Irving, TX 75060. You may contact our office for detailed instructions for reaching our campus, or consult our online maps (courtesy of MapQuest).

Four viewing levels are presented -- national, regional, city, and street. Each map has a star centered at the intersection of Sixth and Nursery.


National Level - Berean Christian Academy is located in the D/FW metroplex, in Texas.
D/FW Level - Berean Christian Academy is located near the intersection of Loop 12 and Irving Blvd.
Irving Level - Don't follow Irving Blvd ... look for 6th Street.
Street Level - Berean Christian Academy is located at the intersection of 6th St. and S. Nursery Rd.

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