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Berean Christian Academy respects the privacy of each visitor to this website. We do not collect information about viewers via cookies or other means without their knowledge and consent. The use of Java TM and JavaScript TM in this website is solely for the purpose of enhancing navigation and providing a more pleasing viewing experience. Neither Java or JavaScript is used to collect information about a viewer.

  The use of on-line forms and CGI scripts is strictly for the convenience of users to contact the Academy. Viewer information is sent directly to the Academy and is not currently stored on our server. Information collected in on-line forms is not distributed to any third party.

  It is the policy of Berean Christian Academy to comply with COPPA regulations. Berean Christian Academy will NOT accept online information from anyone under the age of fourteen.

  Please note that while Berean Christian Academy does not distribute viewer information entered into on-line forms, the server connection used is not secure. For more information, please read our disclaimer. Thank you for visiting our website.

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