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Thank you for your interest in Berean Christian Academy. I am pleased to hear of your interest in considering a Christian school for your and your child. Our biblically oriented instruction, enriched curriculum, and wholesome moral environment produce highly competent students who respect God, parents, themselves, and country.

The mission of Berean Christian Academy is to assist families in the preparation of their children for Christian servanthood. To this end, it is our purpose to introduce each student to the person and work of Jesus Christ as reveled in God's perfect revelation, the Bible. Each student is to be conformed to His image by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the consistent modeling influence of parents and teachers. This preparation requires training in spiritual, intellectual, social and physical skills. These are relevant to mature and successful Christian service in all walks of life. We will seek, together with you, the will of God for your family in the matter of your child's enrollment at Berean Christian Academy.

The information in this web site should acquaint you with our school. If you wish to receive further information, or arrange a meeting with our principal, please contact our office.

In God's service,

Leon Adkins
President, Berean Christian Academy

Berean Academy News

"In 1966, I started kindergarten at Berean Christian Academy and in 1976, I graduated from the ninth grade. My father worked two jobs so that all five of his children could attend the Academy. As a child, I never understood why my Dad, a private pilot, didn't have time or money to fix an airplane that sat in our garage for over twenty years.

Today, I realize my Dad was investing in something far more important and eternal. He gave the gift of Christian education to his children."

- Robert Nicholas, Pilot, Southwest Airlines

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