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Berean Youth Clubs

Berean Youth Clubs Overview

The Berean Youth Clubs provide a program of exciting and instructive weekly activities, designed to build Christian character and self-respect in young people. The Berean Youth Clubs ministry is based on two national scouting type organizations; Christian Service Brigade for boys and Pioneer Girls, for girls.

The Stockade club for the boys meets in the Berean gymnasium every Monday evening from 6:45PM to 8:30PM. The Pioneer club for girls meets in the Berean Academy library every Tuesday evening from 4:15PM to 6:15PM.

Meetings are filled with fast-moving games, competitive sports, learning new skills, Bible instruction, and craft work. Various badges and patches are earned upon meeting certain achievement requirements. Members progress through successive ranks by completing a series of achievements, prepared at home. Berean Youth Club meetings are led by experienced and concerned adults.

The atmosphere is wholesome, safe, challenging, inspirational, fun, and God-honoring. The Club ministry also includes many special events, in addition to the weekly meetings. Past events have included campouts, tours, competitive events, concerts, ice-skating, airplane flights, and aquatic outings.

The clubs are open to all boys and girls, from third through sixth grade. There is no charge for participation, except an annual registration fee of $12.00 and fees to cover special events.

Stockade Club Overview

Shape-N-RaceStockade Club is a scout-like, Christian organization, sponsored by Christian Service Brigade. Stockade is designed for boys, from third through sixth grade. They meet weekly in the Berean gym on Monday evenings, from 6:45 to 8:30 PM.

A typical meeting includes a Bible lesson, achievement time, game time, and occasional crafts. Game time includes competitive athletic activities such as softball and dodgeball,.

The achievement program encourages boys to learn specific and practical skills. High achievement boys are treated to special activities and honors. Bible time is devoted to raising biblical literacy and developing Christian character.

If you would like even more incentive to consider Stockade for your son, please read this open letter from Howard Gitchell.

Contact Berean Church to obtain more information or to enroll your son in Stockade Club. Please bookmark (or subscribe to the RSS feed/e-mail updates) the Berean Church blog for regular information and updates on Berean Youth Club events.

Pioneer Girls Overview

Pioneer Girls ClubPioneer Girls is a scout-like organization for girls from third through sixth grade. A typical meeting consists of a Bible lesson, game time, achievement time, and singing. and craft time.

The Bible lesson focuses on real-life applications of Bible doctrine. Achievement time encourages girls to learn practical life skills. Game time provides a fun-filled opportunity for girls to expend physical energy, all in an enjoyable and secure environment.

Girls meet on Tuesday afternoons in the BCA library from 4:15 to 6:15 PM, under the supervision of dedicated, spiritually mature
Christian women.

Pioneer Girls also participate in special outings during the year.

Contact Berean Church to obtain more information or to enroll your daughter in Pioneer Girls. Please bookmark (or subscribe to the RSS feed/e-mail updates) the Berean Church blog for regular information and updates on Berean Youth Club events.

Berean Youth Clubs Task Force

The BYC Task Force is a service/adventure program for boys who have finished 6th to 12th grades. It provides structure and regulations for projects and activities that do not fall directly under the Christian Brigade program of the weekly BYC meetings, summer camps, or other projects. Task Force service projects provide

  1. An opportunity to put Biblical principles of Christian service into practice
  2. A means to accomplish needed service projects for the Berean ministries
  3. On-the-job training that teaches boys valuable skills
  4. Leadership training and experience.
  5. An opportunity to complete CBS Battalion achievements.

The Task Force regularly works on maintenance and repair of our buildings, grounds, and equipment. In addition to eternal rewards for this work, boys who execute faithful attendance and work ethic receive special recreational outings. In the past, these outings ranged from campouts to trips to Johnson Space Center.

The next time you see something new or in better condition around campus, you probably have someone from Task Force to thank.