Berean Memorial Church

Sermon Categories (in separate folders)

BasicDoctrine - Basic Bible doctrine series (Dr. John Danish) 90 sermons.

BereanMinistries - Rallying to the Berean Ministries (Dr. John Danish) 17 sermons.

ChristianApologetics - Christian Apologetics (Pastor Leon Adkins) 28 sermons.

Colossians - Colossian series (Dr. John Danish) 25 sermons.

ColossiansSpecial - Special topics in Colossians (Dr. John Danish) 14 sermons.

Dispensations - Doctrine of Dispensations (Dr. John Danish) 26 sermons.

First Samuel - Book of 1st Samuel (Pastor Leon Adkins) 15 sermons.

Government - Christian Service and Human Government (Dr. John Danish) 8 sermons.

James - The Book of James (Pastor Leon Adkins) 35 sermons.

Jude - The Book of Jude (Dr. John Danish) 35 sermons.

Marriage - The Bible Doctrine of Marriage (Dr. John Danish) 10 sermons.

Philippians - Advanced Bible Doctrine via the book of Philippians (Dr. John Danish) 80 sermons.

Prophecy - Biblical Prophecy (Dr. John Danish) 18 sermons.

ProphecySpecial - Special Topics in prophecy for modern times (Dr. John Danish) 13 sermons.

Revelation - The Book of the Revelation (Dr. John Danish) 60 sermons.

Romans - The Book of Romans (Dr. John Danish) 60 sermons.

Second Samuel - Book of 2nd Samuel (Pastor Leon Adkins) 15 sermons.

SevenLastWords - The seven last sayings of Christ on the cross (Dr. John Danish) 18 sermons.

Techniques - Techniques for living the Christian life (Dr. John Danish) 24 sermons.

Titus - The Book of Titus (Pastor Leon Adkins) 31 sermons.

Warfare - The Bible Doctrine of Warfare (Dr. John Danish) 8 sermons.

Online Sermons in MP3 format

Please use the player below to listen to sermons. You must have the Flash player installed in order to view the player and stream the MP3 content. Because of disk space limitations, it is not possible to provide every sermon in every category. If you would like to hear the complete series after sampling a few sermons, please order the complete set in MP3 format on CD. All orders are free of charge and your order of a complete sermon set saves Berean Church substantial mailing costs.

Each sermon set is provided in a separate folder, the contents of which are summarized on the left side of this page. After initializing, the player shows each of the available folders. Select a folder whose sermons you wish to preview. Each MP3 file is named with a compact format such as RA-001, or PH-007. Select the sermon you wish to hear. After a small buffering delay (the length of which depends on your connection speed), the sermon will begin playing.

Note: There are several-hundred sermons available in this collection and we are in the process of reviewing them all. Some sermons were recorded at a sample rate that is not compatible with the Flash player (James series, for example). This results in a 'chipmunk' sound on playback.

Should you experience such difficulty, please try the Andromeda player, here. The Andromeda player does not require Flash.

As always, the best way to obtain complete sermon collections is to order the collection on MP3 CD.

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