Berean Memorial Church
Sermons in MP3 format on CD

Collections of sermons are available in MP3 format on CD or DVD. If you wish to order individual sermons on audio CD, then please contact Berean Church directly to request a catalog.

Three MP3 samplers are available. These sermon collections come with a driver program providing easy navigation between sermons. Only mp3 files are on all other CD or DVD (no player).

 MP3 Sampler 1 (Basic Bible Doctrine Series INTRO - BD32)

 MP3 Sampler 2 (Basic Bible Doctrine Series BD33-BD44, Techniques of the Christian Life)

 MP3 Sampler 3 (Marriage, Warfare, and Dispensations Series)

The entire catalog of Berean Church sermons is available on multiple DVDs.

  • DVD-1 All sermons not included in other DVD collections
  • DVD-2 All Romans
  • DVD-3 All Revelation
  • DVD-4 All Colossians
  • DVD-5 All Philippians
  • DVD-6 Pastor Adkins/Apologetics/Titus/I and II Samuel/James

Use the form below to order sermon collections in MP3 format. After completing all fields, click ONCE on the Order button to order your CD or DVD. As per our privacy policy, your e-mail address is only used if it is necessary to contact you regarding information submitted in the form. No personal information is ever stored from Berean Church contact forms.

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