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Berean Memorial Church offers sermon collections in MP3 format on DVD or Flash drive, free of charge. Select (DVD) or (Flash) from the order form to choose your desired format. Sermon collections no. 1-5 are by Dr. Danish; all others are by Pastor Leon Adkins. (Sermons are provided free of charge. Donations can be made to this ministry through the donate link above.)

  • Sermons-1 Basic Series, Doctrinal Categories & Specials
  • Sermons-2 All Romans
  • Sermons-3 All Revelation
  • Sermons-4 All Colossians
  • Sermons-5 All Philippians
  • Sermons-6 Pastor Adkins Apologetics, Titus, I and II Samuel, and James
  • Use the form below to order sermon collections in MP3 format. After completing all required fields, click ONCE on the Order button to order your DVD or Flashdrive. As per our privacy policy, your e-mail address is only used if it is necessary to contact you regarding information submitted in the form. No personal information is ever stored from Berean Memorial Church contact forms.

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