Berean Memorial Church
Order Sermons on Cassette Tape or Audio CD

Individual sermons may be ordered free of charge on audio CD or in collections (mp3 format) on CD or DVD. For inventory reasons and mailing costs, orders are limited to four CDs or DVDs.

You are also encouraged to listen to sermons online and download them in MP3 format. Some collections are complete and others provide you with a large samling of sermons in the series.

Sermons are currently available for the following topics.

  • Basic Bible Doctrine
  • Techniques of the Christian Life
  • Marriage Series
  • Dispensations Series
  • Christian Service and Human Government
  • Warfare
  • Highlights of Prophecy
  • Prophecy Special
  • Jude
  • Philippians
  • Romans
  • Revelation
  • Rallying to the Berean Ministries
  • Prophecy (9/11) Special
  • Colossians
  • Colossians Special
  • Titus
  • Christian Apologetics
  • James

Please visit the online order page to place your CD or DVD order.